MagicBands and the cool CoverBands

While at Downtown Disney…. I decided that my new MagicBand that has my resort room key, park admission tickets, dining plan credits, and spending money (on a little computer chip embedded in a bracelet) needed some bling! Most of the Disney stores there have something for MagicBands. My first stop while at Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney just happened to be the shop below DisneyQuest since I was parked near there. They had a great selection of covers, which is primarily what I was after.

They run 1 for $6.95 or 3 for $15.95.


Above the covers are accessories that are a bit like Jibbits for Croc shoes. They are rubbery and super-cute. I forgot to get a picture of those, though.

I got the band with the balloons on it because, as you can probably tell,  balloons make me happy. I know what you’re thinking…. “How old are you??” LOL 😉

I also “blinged” out the Mickey head while I was at home. More about that to come!




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