Arrival of MagicBands

So yesterday I posted about the CoverBands that are available for MagicBands.

Today I want to show you guys how they come in the mail and a little about how they get used while at Walt Disney World.

First off, they are not all pink. I chose pink for me because I’m all Princess-y like that, I guess. Ha! Disney does give you the chance to customize the color of your bands and the name printed on the inside to help distinguish which one belongs to whom. There are cute colors, manly colors (namely gray), and kid-friendly colors.

Anyway, after the MagicBands are customized, Disney ships them off in a discreet brown box (just in case you are surprising someone with a trip to Disney World). However, once the box is open, the cat is out of the bag…


Mrs. Incredible greets you with a “banded” punch. 😉 I feel the excitement rise!!


Mr. Incredible comes at you with tons of information on how to further your vacation personalization, but more on that later.


FINALLY, it’s here!! The bracelet that gets me into my Disney resort room, gets me into the parks, gets me into my FastPass+ attractions that I chose before I left home, gets me food from my dining plan, and gets me lots (maybe too many, *snicker*) souvenirs using the debit card I have linked to the band upon check-in.

No paper park tickets or extra credit card-type room keys.

No fumbling with cash, credit cards, or debit cards.

No running ahead to get those coveted FastPasses for Toy Story Midway Mania or certain character meet-and-greets.

And best of all for families… you decide if you want your responsible kids to have charging privileges or not.

All you need is the MagicBand and a PIN number (that you select) so it’s protected.

So how do they fit and feel?


The MagicBands have many holes to help accommodate pretty much any size wrist. If it’s for a child or smaller adult, the outer dark gray band can be peeled off and only the colored inner band be used for smaller wrists. These wristbands are very sturdy. I wore mine for almost 7 days straight, except for sleeping and showering, and it held up great!

They are made out of a silicone that are soft to the touch, so they aren’t sticky at all. However, they might feel uncomfortable on a sweaty, hot wrist. That is part of the reason why I bought a CoverBand to go over it. The CoverBands are made of bathing suit material, so they make wearing a bracelet more tolerable, especially when wet.


It fit me perfectly and I have a large wrist / bone structure.


So what would Edna Mode do???

“It’s too plain and predictable, dahling… Let’s bling it out!” 😀


Ta-da!! I took a purple fine-tip Sharpie marker and outlined the Mickey head. Then I used several coats of OPI glitter nail lacquer to give it a little sparkle. Because I’m, you know, Princess-y like that. 😉

Here is another great way to decorate a MagicBand if you are like me and your artistic skills just don’t match up with the creative ideas on your head. LOL  Edna would approve.

Have you ever decorated a MagicBand?

Do you do any kind of Disney crafts?

If so, I’d love to see them!! Leave a comment below with a link.

Have a magical day!  °o°



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