Mickey Cake Pops – Short & Sweet Sunday

Cake pops in the shape of Mickey’s head, ya’ll!! I found this one at Downtown Disney at Goofy’s Candy Company. Yummmmm.

cake pop

So what exactly is in this lil’ cutie??


The ears are sweet marshmallows. These are not your usual grocery store ‘mallows. They taste fresh and aren’t rubbery. It as a nice surprise as I wasn’t expecting this.

Then, as you can see, the whole cake pop is dipped in white chocolate, then covered in pink sugar!

What comes next is the coup de grace…..


Thick, fudgy, dense, chocolate cake. *sigh* Heaven on a stick.

To be completely honest, these cake pops are big and rich enough to share…. as if! Hahaha! You will want a drink to wash it down, though. 😉

They also come in vanilla cake if chocolate isn’t your thing. And colors other than pink. But as I said before, I’m a Pink Princess. LOL

What is your favorite sugary, too-good-to-share treat?

Favorite Food Friday

Favorite Food Friday

Welcome to Favorite Food Friday!  We all are foodies, loving food is what we do.   So now it’s time to share, we want to hear about your favorite food of the week Disney or non-Disney related.  Have a favorite recipe, share that too.

How can I join the fun?   First write up your post on your favorite food.  Secondcopy our FFF button so people know you are in the FFF hop.  Third, copy the linky to your page so everyone can link up.   Lastly, add your link.

It’s easy and fun.  Thanks for linking up!


4 thoughts on “Mickey Cake Pops – Short & Sweet Sunday

  1. mmmm yumm I have seen these at the parks but haven’t tried them yet as I was a bit afraid of the amount of sugar on the outside. Thought it might be too sugary (if there is such a thing :). Thanks for sharing and joining Favorite Food Friday!!!


  2. How adorable! I’m not a huge marshmallow fan, though. I love the way they smell, but don’t really like the consistency. Maybe I’d like these though, since you describe them as “not rubbery”.



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