What’s More American Than Mickey, Minnie, and the Star-Spangled Banner?

Why, all 3, of course!! Here are some great crafts and recipes from Spoonful.com to help celebrate Independence Day in style…. Disney Style. 😀

Walt would be so proud.

I figured I’d do a blog post about this early, because if you’re anything like me, it takes time to get together craft supplies. Life gets busy, but I hate for holidays to pass me by because I was too bogged down with life to really get in the festive mood.

This Minnie headband is super easy to make and all of the supplies (except maybe the headband)  can be found at a craft store.

Minnie Ears headbandminnie ears

These Teacakes are totally cute, right?! I bet they are yummy, too. And a perfect treat to nibble on during fireworks. 😉

Mad Hatter’s 7/4 Teacakes

Mad Hatter's Teacakes

Kids (and overgrown adults like me) would love to have a parade waver that just shows everyone that their heart belongs to a Mouse.

Mickey Parade Waver 

Mickey Parade Waver

For the man who has it all… and wants to grill on the 4th…

Mickey Mouse Grill Master Hat

grill hat

This cute hat doubles as a table topper. Free printable… Score!!

Mickey’s Fourth of July Hat

4th of July Hat

And last, but not least…. Mickey and Minnie to liven up the party!!

Mickey’s 4th of July Candy Box

candy box

Minnie’s Statue of Liberty Papercraft

minnie statue of liberty

What are your plans for the 4th of July?



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