DiVine at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Hello friends! Today I have a guest blogger here. 🙂

I’ve asked my good friend Nick from Disney Musings to share with us about when he found DiVine, the mysterious and hidden character at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park in Florida.

I’ve seen her once, but was too awe-struck to pull out my camera. LOL

So without further ado, here’s Nick…

DiVine at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

I’ve heard about her for years, but never saw DiVine in over a dozen trips to Walt Disney World and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

In case you don’t know, DiVine is a very talented stilt performer who is adorned in vines and leaves who so seamlessly blends in with the dense foliage of Animal Kingdom, that you can easily pass her by without ever knowing she is there.

In fact, we would have very likely missed her once again on our last visit to Animal Kingdom in January, if not for noticing

the people who were photographing what appeared to be a normal stand of trees on the Discovery Island Trails as we were exiting the park for the day.

I approached for a photo, and didn’t even notice her descend slowly. My wife captured this on film. Yes. That is a Kermit the Frog hat on my head, it was cold!

It was lucky we caught her, because a moment later, she started to slowly meander backstage. We watched her for a few moments, and she was gone. I’m really happy we finally got to see her!

Have you ever had the opportunity to see DiVine?

This post was originally seen on Disney Musings. Go check out Nick’s blog… He’s got great fun and info on all things Disney!


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