Short & Sweet Sunday – ‘Ohana breakfast

lilo and me OGD

Best Friends Breakfast featuring Lilo & Stitch at the Polynesian Resort

This is honestly one of my favorite meals at Walt Disney World. It’s becoming very popular since dinner here is usually completely booked 6 months in advance.

My first time here was nice and relaxed. The second time the place was practically empty for some reason. Then this past February, there was a huge crowd waiting for their name to get called so they could get a seat for some fun and grub! Since I was eating alone, it wasn’t too much of a wait and I got a table next to a window with a BEAUTIFUL view! I could see the marina, Seven Seas Lagoon, and a bit of the Grand Floridian Resort.


Breakfast here is served “family style”. Just pretend you’re at Grandma’s for a down-home meal while she cooks for everyone and their cousin. Speaking of cousins, the cast members here usually call guests “cousins”…

because we are all ‘ohana (Hawaiian for family). They bring a big skillet with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits,  home-fried potatoes, and some seasonal fruit. Your drink is Lilikoi juice (I believe it’s orange, pineapple, passion fruit) unless you ask for something else. Then other waitstaff walk around bringing the wonderful Mickey Waffles.

Ohana Breakfast Food


Not only do they have great food at ‘Ohana, but you get to meet characters! Lilo, Stitich, Mickey, and Pluto. 😀

Lilo is one of my favorites. She’s so fun-loving and sweet (see photo at top of post).

Stitch is a bunch of fun, too! The time I went to ‘Ohana and it was slow, he sat at my table and played with the silverware!!

Such a mischief-maker! LOL

stitch 2

mickey 2


I know, I know… I’m such a kid! LOL

I told Mickey that my toddler was at home with Daddy and asked if he would sign his name on a postcard.

This is what he wrote:


I know my toddler can’t read it yet, but it made my day to send it in the Polynesian Resort’s mail before heading off for my daily adventure!

Before I left I got one last picture in from of the waterfall in the lobby. Little did I know that just a few short weeks later it would be announced the waterfall is being taken down to make room for a bigger lobby in the newly renamed Polynesian Village Resort.


Have you been to ‘Ohana for breakfast?

Have you ever sent a postcard with an autograph on it?

How do you feel about the waterfall being deconstructed to open up the lobby?

Comment below… I’d love to hear from readers!


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