Super-Easy Personalized Disney Tumbler & a GIVEAWAY!!

title tumbler


I love all things Disney, and I LOVE coffee and other hot drinks. One day when I found these little cute “scrapbooking” tumblers at S’bux (known for their mermaids in Seattle), I knew I had to have one… or two. LOL

I use these frequently and love to change out the insert depending on my mood.

The two above are how they are currently. I love the princess-y bling of the glitter and rhinestones, and the down-to-earth but fun Mickey balloons.

I have also been known to personalize them with letter stickers with my name, or photos of recent trips. So many possibilities!

So let’s get started on the HOW…

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What’s More American Than Mickey, Minnie, and the Star-Spangled Banner?

Why, all 3, of course!! Here are some great crafts and recipes from to help celebrate Independence Day in style…. Disney Style. 😀

Walt would be so proud.

I figured I’d do a blog post about this early, because if you’re anything like me, it takes time to get together craft supplies. Life gets busy, but I hate for holidays to pass me by because I was too bogged down with life to really get in the festive mood.

This Minnie headband is super easy to make and all of the supplies (except maybe the headband)  can be found at a craft store.

Minnie Ears headbandminnie ears

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Semi-DIY Mickey Soap Dispenser

So… I love Mickey. He just makes me happy. 😀

However, I’m not one to make it really obvious I’m decorating all Disney, all the time. I have to be a bit more subtle because it would drive my family crazy if our home was all decked out in black, red, and yellow, with the iconic Mouse at every turn.

How do I balance my love of all things Disney/Happiest Place on Earth without scaring my husband to another town away?

I do things like this… 🙂

I received 2 Mickey soap dispensers from my friend Stephanie for my birthday. One for the bathroom and one for the kitchen. She feeds my obsession gives me great Disney-themed gifts. LOL

But the black just didn’t fit in with my pastel spa-like colors in the bathroom. I had to do something to get Mickey to fit in so he would be allowed to stay.

You guys, I am so thrilled how this turned out!! My spray painting skills aren’t the best. Neither are my photography skills. But here it is… the Mickey head soap dispenser in all its lavender splendor…. before and after!

diy mickey soap

How can you get one of these fabulous Mickey head dispensers for your cleansing and decorating pleasure, you ask?

Here’s the lowdown…

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Arrival of MagicBands

So yesterday I posted about the CoverBands that are available for MagicBands.

Today I want to show you guys how they come in the mail and a little about how they get used while at Walt Disney World.

First off, they are not all pink. I chose pink for me because I’m all Princess-y like that, I guess. Ha! Disney does give you the chance to customize the color of your bands and the name printed on the inside to help distinguish which one belongs to whom. There are cute colors, manly colors (namely gray), and kid-friendly colors.

Anyway, after the MagicBands are customized, Disney ships them off in a discreet brown box (just in case you are surprising someone with a trip to Disney World). However, once the box is open, the cat is out of the bag…


Mrs. Incredible greets you with a “banded” punch. 😉 I feel the excitement rise!!

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MagicBands and the cool CoverBands

While at Downtown Disney…. I decided that my new MagicBand that has my resort room key, park admission tickets, dining plan credits, and spending money (on a little computer chip embedded in a bracelet) needed some bling! Most of the Disney stores there have something for MagicBands. My first stop while at Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney just happened to be the shop below DisneyQuest since I was parked near there. They had a great selection of covers, which is primarily what I was after.

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