Disneylanders, A Novel: Book Review

Today on One Girl’s Dream, we have Barbie from Disney Musings with a great review of a book I am now wanting to read! Check it out…


Have you ever read a book that immediately transports you to the place or time that you are reading about? The sights, the sounds and smells? Has a book ever taken you back to your childhood?
Well, Kate Abbott’s book, Disneylanders, A Novel, published by Theme Park Press, does just that. Not only does the author take me straight to Disneyland, but she has the ability to take me back in time to my own childhood and those oh–so–awkward moments of testing my wings; trying to become an adult. (p.s. this book is geared for the teen audience.)

Kate Abbott’s book is well written and thoughtful; about a thirteen year old girl struggling to figure out who she is. Casey is on vacation with her parents at Disneyland, where through crazy circumstances, she bumps into a fifteen year old boy and they innocently spend their time together with and without their families, touring the parks, enjoying the rides and getting to know one another. There’s a lot of Disney trivia thrown in for good measure.

I found myself completely engrossed in the story, reading aloud descriptive paragraphs to my husband, and quizzing him on the chapter titles. Each chapter named “more or less on a famous Disney slogan, song, attraction, show or spiel.” (The answers were at the end of the book!)

Although the book is written for a specific group, young adults or tweens, I truly enjoyed reading this. It is a fun, heartfelt story, sometimes hitting close to home, it made the tale that much more believable.


Thanks Barbie!!
Since Barbie bought that edition of Disneylanders by Kate Abbott, it has taken on a new cover. I love it!
Disneylanders at Amazon.com 
Do you read any Disney fiction? What are your favorites?

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7 Awesome Disney-inspired Etsy Sellers


Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop. There are so many creative designers and handmade crafters there that I could spend hours just perusing and adding to my wish list! It’s almost as addictive as Pinterest!!

So, I thought I’d share some of my favorites here. Some of these sellers I have ordered from and some I’m just drooling over (still yet to buy from, but I will soon).

Without further ado…..

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MagicBands and the cool CoverBands

While at Downtown Disney…. I decided that my new MagicBand that has my resort room key, park admission tickets, dining plan credits, and spending money (on a little computer chip embedded in a bracelet) needed some bling! Most of the Disney stores there have something for MagicBands. My first stop while at Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney just happened to be the shop below DisneyQuest since I was parked near there. They had a great selection of covers, which is primarily what I was after.

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